AboutGreen Spalon

Green Unisex Salon & Spait means feel yourself for relax and refresh while our specialized therapists bequeath their expert touch upon your physical body, its effect vibrate through the core of your whole being. In every term, gathering all the healthy components and efficient treatments specially selected to nurture body as well as mind to bring out the inner essence that remains fresh in the memory, to be considered and shared with others long after your visit to Green Unisex Salon & Spafor the BODY, MIND & SOUL Situated right in the heart of Chennai, the Green Unisex Salon & Spais the most exotic rejuvenation day spa, an experience like none other.

It is one of the oldest form of oriental medicine and is often used in combination with other rare and valued herbs to bring out the best within you. The Green Unisex Salon & Spaoffers a host of treatments which are of natural formulations and essential oils from flowers, fruits, herbs and plant extracts in an effective combination for a blissful spa experience. Green Unisex Salon & Spais a new mahal of king where preservatives and synthetic materials are absolute.

A Unit of Green Health Spa & Saloon

Green Spalon During your first visit, you will be required to provide a detailed medical history of any chronic illness or health problems and the medication that you may be taking which is important to disclose any allergy.

Green Spalon Most body massage center services are very close encounters with a therapist when receiving a massage for example you required to undress and then allow our therapist to interact with your body, if you are self-conscious, you will be in tension to enjoy your services, Body massage technicians are professionals who strongly adhere to a strict code of ethics, they consult several clients each day and they will not judge you based on the looks of your body.

Green Spalon Leave your valuables at home. For many services, it may be necessary to remove your jewelers, it is a good idea to leave your valuables at home. During a visit, you may be doing a lot of walking between the waiting area, reception area, restrooms, locker rooms, therapy rooms, changing areas and possibly even the shower area. It is easy to misplace personal belongings at body massage center.

Green Spalon Know the body massages center in Chennai and its services. Ask for a unisex body massage menu or visit the body massage website to know more about the kind of services, when booking appointment, ask any questions like What to bring along?, What clothing is best?, How long the service will take? Etc.,

Green Spalon Service tax extra on all beauty and massage therapy services.

Green Spalon Cash & credit or Debit Card acceptable.

Green Spalon Green Unisex Salon & Spa is the leading Body Massage Centre in Chennai. Our beautiful Spa invites you out of the hectic and busy world and into a peaceful sanctuary.

For more information call @ +91-44-49595861 or mail @ spa@greenspalon.in.